Having somewhere to conveniently get healthy, refined sugar free, allergy friendly, superfood boosted eats and drinks in Central New York is our dream! Soul Bowl is the spot to indulge your sweet-tooth but not feel guilty about it with our filling and nutrient dense recipes. And while our bowls may look like a sweet dessert, they are far from it. We aim to fuel your day by serving raw foods that will keep you satisfied and feeling like a well-oiled machine!


Welcome to your new obsession with clean eating!

Soul Bowl is CNY's premier cafe for all things açaí. We are your healthy breakfast/lunch/dinner/snack/healthy dessert, your piece of sunshine year round, and your support to help you achieve your goals. 

"A healthy alternative to regular fare."

"I have never eaten anything like this and I loved it!"

"I've tried many acai Bowls before but this one was by far the best I've had! Awesome atmosphere, and very friendly staff!"


Soul Bowl uses only the highest quality ingredients. We believe in local honey, handcrafted açaí, and a transparent menu. We provide the fuel to get you through your work or school day, workout, or chill weekend. Whatever your day looks like, make sure it's met with a Soul Bowl in hand.  

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